May 3, 2016


Middle East

Urban Strategies Group and Ray Hanania represent several national American Arab/Muslim clients in English and Arabic.

Using his nearly 40 years of frontline, professional journalism and media communications experience, and his expertise in Middle East issues and politics, Hanania can maximize your reach to the growing American Arab and Muslim community through the domestic Ethnic and Religious Arab & Muslim news media, and through the Middle East news media based in the United States.

If you are a candidate of Arab or Muslim heritage seeking election to public office, Urban Strategies Group and Ray Hanania can help you craft an effective campaign strategy to focus audiences on your assets and ideas, not on your heritage.

Hanania has years of experience providing campaign management and political consulting for mainstream American candidates seeking election to public office from local municipal office to state and national offices including to the U.S. Congress, as well as for “Minority Minorities” who are outside of the mainstream.

You may also want to view Ray Hanania’s new book “PoweR PR” the Ethnic Activists Guide to Strategic Communications & Challenging the Biased Mainstream Media. It features strategies to overcome the bias inherent in the mainstream American news media and to correct inaccurate perceptions in Western and American societies for those who have been left out of the mainstream news media, the “Minority Minorities.”

And don’t forget to check out Ray Hanania’s standup comedy routine which lampoons his Palestinian marriage to his Jewish wife. The couple have one Jewish son, Aaron, and a catholic daughter, Carolyn.